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The MLC Music Academy is proud to provide comfortable and dedicated music studios for their students.  Music tuition is offered in the Music Department of Methodist Ladies' College.  As the premises are provided by the College to further educational ethos of the school, it is important that all students and visitors adhere to Health and Safety protocols of the College to ensure that all students and visitors are in a safe environment.

Supervision of Children: In order to ensure the safety of children on school grounds, parents and guardians are required to take responsibility for their children at all times. In order to do this effectively, you are required to keep your children within sight and within close proximity to you. Do not allow children to roam the College grounds on their own Your child’s safety is your responsibility. 

MLC is a smoke-free environment. Smoking is NOT permitted on any part of school grounds.  If you wish to smoke, you must leave the College grounds and smoke outside the perimeter, and be more than eight metres distance from any college grounds entrance.  You must also ensure that you do not litter ash or cigarette butts.  It is your responsibility to adequately and safely dispose of these.
Driving on school grounds must be done in a safe and courteous manner. You must not exceed the 5 kilometre limit imposed in the school. You must also follow the road directions displayed exactly.  You are also required to follow instructions given by Security and Community Liaison personnel. The College is a very busy environment with many co-cirricular activities taking place during school times and after-hours including weekends.
Parking within the College is permitted, but cannot be guaranteed.  We advise students to allow themselves ample time to arrive for lessons and to find a car park.  You may use the Staff Car Park which is below the Music School, however this is dependent on availability and if the College decides to make it available on any given day.  There is parking around the College, however you are advised to carefully look at the parking notices and restriction notices which are strictly adhered to by local council.
Please remember that the College grounds are private property of MLC and as such it is necessary to adhere to any restrictions that are notified.  This includes no animals on school premises at any time and no skate-boarding or roller-skating is permitted.