Term 3 Newsletter

Term 3, 2019

Dear Parents and Students,

We hope the past term has been a rewarding and enjoyable time for you all. We take this opportunity to remind and encourage you to practice regularly and as often as you can. Your ongoing tuition remains pivotal in your musical development, but regular and sustained practice, along with support and help from those around you at home, is fundamental to achieving musical success.

We remind all students that they must be aware of the teaching dates available during the term. This importantly, includes the last weeks of term which are utilised by the instructors to provide make-up lessons to students where necessary. The only lessons instructors make-up, are those that a student advises before the term begins or those that an instructor has missed. Students are expected to be available at the end of term to have lessons made up by the instructor. If you are not available when the instructor has made themselves available at the end of term, unfortunately you will forfeit the lesson and not further make-up will be offered for that lesson. Please contact the Music Academy office if you will not be available for any lesson in Term 3. It will be too late for a make-up lesson if you wait to advise us when you return to lessons.

Please remember, that if you forget to let us know, once we have billed you and the term commences, we cannot provide you with a make-up. If you remain unsure of the policy we invite you to discuss this with the Academy administration staff and they will explain the policy to you. All students/families are constantly made aware of this policy, and other pertinent policies through these Newsletters and via email advice to students during term to provide information regarding intentions to discontinue etc. We ask you to be mindful of the Conditions of Enrolment and indeed, seriously consider if they are right for you.

I would like to farewell two staff members who left us at the end of Term 2. Jaclyn Liao and Timothy Stevens. We wish both Jaclyn and Timothy the very best for the future and thank them for their dedication and professionalism during their time here at the Academy.

I would like to welcome a new staff member to our team. Jenny Lu has joined the Saturday teaching program teaching piano. Jenny has already started her teaching and we wish her a long and enjoyable time here at the Academy.

Term 3, 2019 is a nine week term without public holidays. Whilst there is a more limited capacity for additional lesson in this term, we would nonetheless encourage students, particularly those undertaking AMEB examination or Suzuki graduations to take up any opportunity offered by the instructor. We thank our dedicated staff for their continued support for students in making these opportunities available where possible.

Please make use of the Lesson Dates Calendar we provide you to ensure you are aware of the teaching dates for Academy tuition. All students are provided with dates for two consecutive terms, which means that you should be fully aware of teaching dates, so if you do decide to plan weekends or weeks away, you will be aware if this clashes with lessons you have committed to undertake with the Academy. Please ensure that you discuss times away with the Music Academy administrators. It is not sufficient to let your instructor know this, and assume

lessons will be made up. Lessons are not made up unless the appropriate notification procedure is followed. Please be reminded that you have signed an agreement that we expect students to uphold. You must always keep in mind that the MLC Music Academy is an outside school program, and it is mostly chosen by students for that reason. We operate outside the usual school hours so the extent of those hours must be accepted as part of the program along with the other governing Terms and Conditions.

Term 3 begins on Monday, 15 July 2019. There are no scheduled public holidays during the term. Group Suzuki violin classes will commence on Saturday, 20 July 2019.

We invite students to make use of the online Credit Card Payment System if you choose to pay via Credit Card. This is a quick and safe method of payment where we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners. You will need your account details to pay your tuition account online, so ensure you have the billing paperwork we mail out to you, when paying online. If you have any concerns or require any account information, please call the Music Academy office on 9274 8136 for assistance. You are invited to use our onsite computer facilities to pay via credit card if you prefer, and we will guide you through the process if necessary. Students are reminded that we no longer accept cash payment. However please feel free to use either our EFTPOS facilities or you may still prefer to pay by cheque.

Lesson Termination: We remind students that if you intend to terminate lessons, you must give the Academy 4 school weeks’ notice. This means that to effectively finish at the end of any given term, you must provide notice by the fourth week of that term. You cannot leave at the end of the term, without giving the appropriate amount of notice. Please be aware that through your enrolment with us, you sign and affirm that you will abide by the terms and conditions of enrolment and there is an expectation that you will follow this through. Failure to give the appropriate notice means that you will be billed and required to attend 4 lessons (this may mean that you might be required to attend lessons in the following term) or pay for 4 lessons in lieu of attendance.

General Safety and College protocols: We are aware that we repeat this information often through our Newsletter, It is however important,
as we do still see instances of disregard for certain protocols, such as driving at speed into the school grounds, so we ask you to be very aware of the safety requirements that exist. When driving into the College, you are reminded that you must adhere to all speed signs and directional arrows and to follow instructions given by College security staff. Remember that the parking areas around the College are shared spaces and it is important to be courteous to others at all times. Irrespective of the time of day, under no circumstances are the school speed limits to be exceeded as the College is home to some boarding house students twenty-four hours per day.

Please remember that eating and drinking in classrooms and studios is not permitted. This is to protect the well-being of students who may have specific allergies, and also to protect instruments and ensure learning areas are clean.

We remind parents of very young students and siblings that they must be vigilant as to their whereabouts and to not allow them to wander unsupervised. Children are not permitted in the Music Department lift without parental supervision and the same applies to outside garden areas.

Smoking is strictly forbidden on the College grounds and close proximity. Please read notices carefully at the entrances to the College for restrictions that apply to the College premises. These protocols are in place to ensure the general safety and well-being of all attending the College. We ask you to be conscious of these at all times.

We wish everyone the very best for the holidays and look forward to seeing you all in Term 3.

Best Wishes

Christopher Hill, Robert Bennett, Sam Giorlando and Peter Ogrodnik



Term 3 Commences:    Monday, 15 July 
Term 3 Concludes:       Saturday, 14 September
Term 4 Commences:     Monday, 10 June


Please note: You are advised to check your term commencement date with your instructor prior to the end of each term.


MLC Open Mornings:

  • Friday, 26 July
  • Friday, 6 September
  • Friday, 11 October



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Saturday - 8 am - 4 pm


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Credit Card payments: 
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